De Turing Foundation was founded by Pieter Geelen and his wife Françoise, using the wealth he acquired as co-founder of TomTom NV. They chose to support four main goals:
The Turing Foundation is a private charity that spends its funds on behalf of four goals:

- to enable and facilitate education for children
- to let people in the Netherlands enjoy art
- to protect nature
- to fight leprosy

Most recent projects: January 2019
Passing on knowledge about mangrove restoration, Guinea-Bissau, Tanzania, Indonesia and the Philippines
January 2019
NATURE Ontsluiten kennis mangroveherstel, Guinée Bissau, Tanzania, Indonesië, Filippijnen, 2019-2021
Wetlands International is the global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the... more
Restoring Koulikoro, Mali
January 2019
NATURE Restoring Koulikoro, Mali, 2019-2022
Tree Aid helps villagers in arid areas of Africa unlock the potential of trees to combat poverty and protect nature. The Turing Foundation... more
'Rebuilding Young Lives', North Kivu, D.R. Congo
January 2019
EDUCATION "Rebuilding Young Lives", North Kivu, D.R. Congo, 2019-2021
Chance for Childhood (CfC) has been improving the position of the most vulnerable children in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda,... more
'Reading Liberia 20/20', Bomi, Margibi en Grand Bassa, Liberia
January 2019
EDUCATION "Reading Liberia 20/20", Bomi, Margibi en Grand Bassa, Liberia, 2019-2020
The Canadian Organization for Development through Education (CODE) is committed to combating illiteracy in... more
Monitoring the effect of prophylactic interventions in contacts of leprosy patients including field-application of a novel immunodiagnostic test, Bangladesh, 2019-2021
January 2019
LEPROSY Novel immunodiagnostic interventions and diagnistic tests for leprosy, Bangladesh, 2019-2021
This sudy by Leiden University Medical Centre and Erasmus University Rotterdam is... more
Dapsone Hypersensitivity Syndrome Biomolecular Predictive Test, Papua and Nepal
January 2019
LEPROSY Dapsone Hypersensitivity Syndrome Biomolecular Predictive Test, Papua and Nepal, 2019-2021
Leprosy is treated with a combination of three drugs: dapsone, rifampicin and clofazimine.... more
LepVax: safety and vaccin-induced immune response, Brazil, 2019-2021
January 2019
LEPROSY LepVax: safety and vaccin-induced immune response, Brazil, 2019-2021
Researchers from the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI), in collaboration with the America Leprosy... more
Oranjewoud Festival 2018
January 2019
ART Oranjewoud Festival, Heerenveen, 2019
The Oranjewoud Festival takes place every summer at the Oranjewoud estate near Heerenveen. This colourful music festival presents high-quality... more
Wonderfeel 2018, 's Graveland
January 2019
ART Wonderfeel Festival, 's Graveland, 2019
The Wonderfeel festival has been organised in a former estate in' s-Graveland since 2015: a three-day outdoor classical music festival with... more
January 2019
ART aus LICHT, The Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam, 2019
The Dutch National Opera, the Holland Festival and the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, in partnership with the... more
'Geert Lap - Specific Objects', Design Museum Den Bosch
January 2019
ART "Geert Lap - Specific Objects", Design Museum Den Bosch, 2019
The ceramic oeuvre of the Dutch designer and artist Geert Lap (1951-2017) can be regarded as a relentless search for... more
Teacher Training on school gardens, Cameroon
January 2019
EDUCATION Teacher Training on school gardens, Cameroon, 2019-2021
IDAY is a network organisation with members in 19 countries which helps local civil society organisations advocate good... more
Randomised controlled trials of methotrexate in Erythema Nodosum Leprosum
January 2019
LEPROSY Randomised controlled trials of methotrexate in Erythema Nodosum Leprosum, 2019
Erythema Nodosum Leprosum (ENL) is a serious and very painful leprosy complication. It is often... more
Oerol Festival 2019, Terschelling
January 2019
ART Oerol Festival, Terschelling, 2019
Every year the Frisian island of Terschelling is transformed into one large stage for theatre, dance, street theatre, visual art and music for ten... more
A young baker in front of her oven
January 2019
EDUCATION Promoting Youth Employability, Dioïla, Mali, 2019
BØRNEfonden is a Danish organisation founded in 1972, which works in four fields in Mali: education, child health,... more
Previous beneficiaries of the entrepreneurial programme, Lome, Togo
January 2019
EDUCATION Vocational and entrepreneurial training for young people from the slums of Lome, Togo, 2019
Y Care is the international relief and development agency of the YMCA youth organisation.... more
Effective teachers for better learning results, Kinshasa district
January 2019
EDUCATION Effective teachers for better learning results, Kinshasa district, D.R. Congo, 2019-2021
Edukans is a Dutch development organisation founded in 2002 and specialised in education for... more
M. Leprae bacteria
January 2019
LEPROSY Donation to the leprosy research department of Netherlands Leprosy Relief, 2018-2019
For many years the Turing Foundation has cofinanced projects to combat leprosy with the... more
Strengthening the 'sandwich' educational method in rural Cameroon
January 2019
EDUCATION Strengthening the 'sandwich' educational method in rural Cameroon, 2019
DISOP Cameroon is formalising the sandwich method of teaching in Cameroon. This involves alternating two... more
Identification of leprosy associated immune signatures that aid as early signals for determination of type I and type II reactions in leprosy, Karigiri, India, 2016-2019
January 2019
LEPROSY Identification of leprosy associated immune signatures that aid as early signals for determination of type I and type II reactions in leprosy, Karigiri, India, 2019
Early recognition and treatment of leprosy... more

Turing-supported projects you can visit in January:
Ossip Zadkine in Beelden Aan Zee
t/m 3 mar
Main Supporter 'Zadkine Aan Zee', Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen, 2018-2019
Exhibiting sculptures in the Netherlands is not easy. But Museum Beelden aan Zee - which was only... more
Frans Hals and the Modernists, Frans Hals Museum
t/m 10 feb
"Frans Hals and the Modernists", Frans Hals Museum, 2018-2019
Frans Hals is regarded as one of the most innovative painters of the Dutch Golden Age for his characteristic virtuoso... more
Giacometti - Chadwick, Facing Fear
t/m 6 jan
"Giacometti - Chadwick, Facing Fear", Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, 2018-2019
From 22 September 2018 to 6 January 2019, Museum de Foundatie is organising an exhibition of the works of... more
'Pure Rubens', Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
t/m 13 jan
"Pure Rubens", Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 2018-2019
At the end of 2018, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, together with the Museo Nacional del Prado, is presenting an... more
Poetry Week gift book, 2019
vanaf 31 jan
Poetry Week gift book, 2019
The Dutch Foundation to Promote Reading of Dutch Books (CPNB) has encouraged people in the Netherlands to read books and drawn many people's attention to... more
Made in Holland: world brand for 400 years
'Made in Holland: world brand for 400 years', Ceramics Museum Princessehof, Leeuwarden, 2018-2019
Dutch ceramics have been known around the world for centuries. Manufacturers used... more
Caspar van Wittel, Piazza Navona, 1699, olieverf op doek, 96,5 x 216 cm, © Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection on loan at the Museo Nacional  Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid
vanaf 19 jan
"Maestro van Wittel, Dutch master of the Italian townscape", 2019
Kunsthal KAdE and Museum Flehite are organising an exhibition in 2019 about the artist Caspar van Wittel (1653 -... more
'Leonardo. Emotion and Expression', Teylers Museum, 2018-2019
t/m 6 jan
"Leonardo. Emotion and Expression", Teylers Museum, 2018-2019
In 2018, Teylers Museum is organising the first international exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) in the... more
Utrecht, Caravaggio and Europe, Centraal Museum, Utrecht
t/m 24 mar
"Utrecht, Caravaggio and Europe", Centraal Museum, Utrecht, 2018-2019
One of the Centraal Museum's core collections is the Utrecht Caravaggists. From the autumn of 2018, the museum... more
Jean Cocteau / Metamorphosis, Design Museum Den Bosch
t/m 10 mar
"Jean Cocteau / Metamorphosis", Design Museum Den Bosch, 2018-2019
Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) was an incredibly versatile artist who was particularly known for his visual work: he... more
'I, Mary of Guelders', Museum Het Valkhof
t/m 6 jan
"I, Mary of Guelders", Museum Het Valkhof, 2018-2019
Mary of Guelders' prayer book is one of the greatest medieval art treasures from the Netherlands. It could not be viewed for... more
Gaudi in de Amsterdamse School, Museum Het Schip
Exposition 'Gaudi in de Amsterdamse School', Museum Het Schip, 2018-2019
Museum Het Schip has been based in the social housing block called 'Het Schip' in Amsterdam's... more

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