Peduli Anak
 Turing Foundation Donates School

Complete School Donated

In December 2006, the Turing Foundation donated a complete school (worth 25.000 Euro) to the Peduli Anak Foundation. This will be one of the schools that the Foundation creates on her new project area in Lombok, Indonesia.

The Foundation has the intention to build a total of two schools on the new project area. Firstly, the ‘special school for primary education’ will be realized. If the sheltered children cannot go to a regular Indonesian school due to lack of skills, the special school for primary education will ‘boost’ their skills. We have already recruited a talented ‘School Manager’ and 5 dedicated teachers to work at this school. Secondly, the Foundation has the intention to build a ‘handcraft school’. This school is suitable for the children who are performing not well within regular of special education. Within the handcraft school, the Foundation tries to teach them a profession. They are going to work with wood, glass, stone, paint and clay.

Currently the school for ‘special primary education’ is almost finished. 144 (former) street children will get an opportunity to boost their educational skills.