TomTom founder donates €100.000.000,- to Turing Foundation

Amsterdam, 7 November 2006 - Pieter Geelen, one of the founders of the Dutch company TomTom, today donated €100 million to the Turing Foundation. The Turing Foundation is an Amsterdam-based charity that works to fund and support education for children around the world, to protect nature, to provide opportunities for people in the Netherlands to enjoy art, and to fight leprosy and help its victims.

"With this gift I want to contribute to our world and our society. The money is meant for projects in areas that I feel strongly about and organisations that work in these areas," says Pieter Geelen. "Spending money in these areas is positive and constructive. Education, for example, especially in developing countries, is I think a structural and also a respectful way to help people. I tried taking initiatives myself for a while, but I soon discovered that effectively supporting causes at this scale required a professional organisation."

Consequently, Pieter Geelen founded the Turing Foundation. Last month, it was awarded official Charity status by the Dutch fiscal authority, the final step in establishing an operational charity. The €100 million gift guarantees a yearly budget of €5 million for the long term, allowing the foundation to make significant contributions to its goals.

The foundation's name honours the British scientist Alan Turing, who Pieter Geelen admires. Turing is seen by many as the founder of modern computer science.

For the last few months, the foundation's board has been busy working out policy. Early next year they hope to be able to publish the application criteria. Only then will it be possible to submit applications for financial support through the website of the Turing Foundation.

In the meantime, the Turing Foundation is taking initiatives of its own. Among others, the Netherlands Leprosy Relief, the Liliane Foundation, the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF, the Belvedère Museum and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, have all received donations from the Turing Foundation.

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